Autopilot, Analysis, & Intentionality – Making Sense of Heidegger (Being and Time) with Husserl

In Heidegger’s Being and Time, right off the bat, it is quite difficult to understand what Heidegger is trying to achieve. In this video, Artem Alex and Loren Danger talk about the difference between two conscious modes: Autopilot Mode (Habit) and Analysis Mode (Meta); or, Heidegger’s “Inauthentic” and “Authentic”. Heidegger uses the term “Care” but here, to make more logical sense, Heidegger’s professor Husserl, his term “Intentionality” makes more sense to explain the spark that one finds between the Autopilot and Analysis Mode.

One example from the video of Autopilot, Analysis, and Intentionality: Fashion. When we are young and first realize that we can pick out our clothes, this is a spark of Intention that is directed toward fashion to then move one from Autopilot to Analysis, where once makes a decision, they generally move back to the Autopilot mode.