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Marketing Schemes of the LuLaRoe Company: Can We Take Good From The Bad?
The company LuLaRoe has recently taken the stage as being an incredibly unethical and selfish enterprise, and this is because it has become largely known as a pyramid scheme. What can be taken from this situation is to look at the advertisement and public relations strategies and tactics that made LuLaRoe so popular in the first place, and then to see if those methods can potentially be reproduced or utilized by more wholesome companies.

Why User Data Is Worth More Than Anything 
The recent legal trials, involving a certain looky-loo, have done nothing but show us that our data is as valuable as money itself. And businesses will pay top dollar for these uniquely human precious stones. 

What Public Relations is and Why Businesses Need It
Public Relations, often abbreviated simply to PR, is the part of businesses that aid in communication both outwards and inwards. The PR department is the one who deals with news sources, social media, and then also every level within the business. 


Nietzsche and Gene Roddenberry on Perspectivism – Truths, Morals, and Money

In Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil, he talks a lot about the Truth and this had lead to the theory of Perspectivism. Taking someone who declared himself as the “philosopher of the future” and then combining them with someone who wrote a universe set in the future, Gene Roddenberry, may be the route to take for our future.

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