Stop and smell the Liminal Spaces

All over the Internet today, the aesthetic of “Liminal Spaces” are eerily, empty spaces that provoke a feeling of uncanny valley. But as far back as 1909, liminal spaces have a much deeper and profound meaning.

Impermanence and the Non-Self

Ever wonder what “I’m a rooster illusion” means, from Ben Stiller in Tropic Thunder? Well, there is actually an answer to that! You are simply a non-being without a constant self, and no one is. There is no you.

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Nietzsche’s Views Aligned with Buddhism: Is Nietzsche’s Ubermensch a Buddha?

Nietzsche’s Ubermensch could be shown to be either one in the very same as the philosophies of Buddhist teachings, as Nietzsche indicates many comparable ideas on intricate Buddhist concepts. 

Nader vs. Friedman on ‘Government Regulations’ and Consumer Rights

Reviewing the interview between Ralph Nader and Milton Friedman, “Government Regulation – Too Much or Too Little?” with moderator Hugh Sidley (1979). Does the United States government have too much or too little regulation on businesses, enterprises, or our consumer autonomy? 

Understanding “The Secret” (The Law of Attraction) and its Egyptian Origins

In its debut, the world was fascinated with Byrne’s work, The Secret, and this fascination also came with skeptics. Largely, in 2006, everyone had their own opinion on the viral documentary. And as a 9-year-old in a low-income household, I too thought the story promised a much brighter future.  

Marketing Schemes of the LuLaRoe Company: Can We Take Good From The Bad?

The company LuLaRoe has recently taken the stage as being an incredibly unethical and selfish enterprise, and this is because it has become largely known as a pyramid scheme. But on the bright side, the advertisement and public relations strategies that made LuLaRoe so popular in the first place can be analyzed to be used for good.

Using Biotechnology to Extend The Human Lifespan

Biotechnology today has become an incredibly advanced and expansive system of using both biological beings, such as plants or animals, as well as technologies that are constantly evolving the process. The question to put forward now is: how far should biotechnology go to benefit and extend the human lifespan?

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