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Communications Audit and Campaign Project, Fall 2020:
“PA Consulting” Communications Project

Public Relations Campaign, Fall 2019:
Inclusionary Campaign for the Disability Support Resources

Primary and Secondary Research Paper, Fall 2019:
Marketing Schemes of the LuLaRoe Company – Can We Take Good From The Bad

Comparative Social Media Audit, Winter 2019:
A Comparative Social Media Audit of Illustrator Little Daisy Drew



Advertising / Public Relations
Fall ’18– Fundementals of Advertising
Winter ’19– Technology in Advertising and Public Relations
– News Reporting
Fall ’19– Fundementals of Public Relations
– Research Basics for Advertising and Public Relations
Winter ’20– Media Relations Writing
Fall ’20– Public Relations Internship
Winter ’21– Public Relations Management and Cases
– Capstone: Advertising and Public Relations Campaign

Summer ’18– Public Speaking
Winter ’19– Concepts of Communication
Fall ’19– Communication Theory
Fall ’20– Corporate Communications Writing
Winter ’21– Communications Ethics

Philosophy of Ethics
Fall ’17– Fundementals of Ethics
Summer ’18– Issues in Business Ethics
Fall ’19– Ethics in Professional Life
Winter ’20– Biomedical Ethics
Winter ’21– Communications Ethics
– Moral Philosophy

Additional Electives
Fall ’16– Principles of Accounting I
Winter ’17– Principles of Accounting II
Fall ’17– Introduction to French I
– Fundementals of Sociology
Winter ’18– Introduction to French II
– Fundementals of Logic
Summer ’18– Sociology: Social Problems
Fall ’18– Intermediate French I

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