Philosophy Portfolio

Work Samples

Winter 2021, Calling Attention to Blackface: An Analysis of the Entertainment Industry’s Reaction to the Black Lives Matter Movement [3700 words]

Fall 2020, Senior Thesis: Making the Authentic Overman Possible In Relation to Freedom, Politics, and Ethics [7600 words]

Fall 2020, How philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche would explain the boom in online learning during the 2020 pandemic [1100 words]

Fall 2020, Heidegger, Dasein, and Authenticity from his works Being and Time and Nietzsche [3000 words]

Fall 2020, What is God’s Goodness? Understanding Lady Anne Conway [700 words]

Fall 2020, Kant’s Answer to ‘What is Enlightenment?’ [350 words]

Fall 2020, John Locke’s Second Treatise on Civil Government, Robert Michels’ Political Parties, and a Solution Between the Two [350 words]

Winter 2020, Nietzsche’s Views Aligned with Buddhism: Is Nietzsche’s Ubermensch a Buddha? [2600 words]

Winter 2020, A Review of Nietzsche’s Antichrist: The Retelling of Christian History [1000 words]

Winter 2020, A Poetic Analysis of Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra: On the Sheep and Shepherd [700 words]

Winter 2020, Nietzsche’s Beyond Good And Evil: An Analysis of his Oedipus Analogy [2000 words]

Winter 2020, Saint Augustine’s Confessions and His Thoughts On Memory and Time [1600 words]

Winter 2020, A Review of Plato’s Symposium: The Book for All Lovers [1700 words]

Winter 2020, The Use of Mimetic Irony in Plato’s Phaedrus [1800 words]

Winter 2020, Using Biotechnology to Extend The Human Lifespan [2500 words]

Fall 2019, Professional Integrity: What Motivates Success [700 words]

Fall 2019, Governmental Control Over Business: An Analysis of the Nader v. Friedman Argument [1000 words]

Fall 2019, Why Do Ethical Codes Have To Be So Boring? [1000 words]

Winter 2019, Eastern Philosophies Around Language [1500 words]

Winter 2019, An Answer to the Question “What is Daoism?” [800 words]

Winter 2019, Confucianism on Humanity [900 words]

Summer 2018, An Analysis of Gentrification As Seen in the Modern Day [2900 words]

Summer 2018, Betrayed by Business: A Deeper Look into Volkswagen [1100 words]

Summer 2018, Summarizing and Reflecting on Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases by Ferrell, Fraedrich, and Ferrell – Chapters 1 to 12 [4500 words]

Winter 2018, Civility within the Natural World: An Analysis of Sanger Rainsford from “The Most Dangerous Game” [2350 words]

Fall 2017, Reflecting on James Rachels’ The Elements of Moral Philosophy – Chapters 3 to 13, and a Case Study on Bioethics [4000 words]

Winter 2017, Peter Singer: A Man Against Humanity [1100 words]


Core Classes
Winter ’17– Fundementals of Philosophy
Winter ’18– Fundementals of Logic
Fall ’20 – Capstone: Reality, Knowledge & Value

Fall ’17– Fundementals of Ethics
Summer ’18– Issues in Business Ethics
– Sociology: Social Problems
Fall ’19– Ethics in Professional Life
Winter ’20– Biomedical Ethics
Winter ’21– Communications Ethics
– Moral Philosophy

Summer ’18– Public Speaking
Winter ’19– Concepts of Communication
Fall ’19– Communication Theory
Fall ’20– Corportate Communications Writing
Winter ’21– Communications Ethics

Winter ’19– Eastern Philosophy
Winter ’20– 19th Century Philosophy: Nietzsche
– Ancient Greek Philosophy
Fall ’20– Early Modern Philosophy
– Contemporary Philosophy: Heideggar

Additional Electives
Fall ’17– Introduction to French I
– Fundementals of Sociology
– Introductory Astronomy
Winter ’18– Introduction to French II
– The Art of Being Human (Re-imagining the Classics)
Summer ’18– Sociology: Social Problems
Fall ’18– Intermediate French I
– Fundementals of Yoga