About Artem Alex

From writing to creating pieces of artwork, I can always find something that I want to wrap my hands around and change for the better. My life goal is to simply make the world a better place through any one of my passions. I thank you guys greatly for your support!

This blog was originally an assignment for school that I took way too seriously. I graduated in the spring of 2021 with a degree in Public Relations as well as Philosophy (with an emphasis in Ethics). Both of which allowed for a very diverse blog; but now that I am out of school, it is a lot harder to sit down and write my thoughts into something actually digestible

Since graduating, a great deal of my work has been focused on my Youtube channel, Artem Alexandra. One of my life goals is to help popularize the philosophies that have helped me greatly in my darkest time. Namely, this includes Friedrich Nietzsche’s Ubermensch and everything that it stands for: life is beyond good and evil, we create our own values, and we can do this most greatly through art.

The main objective of my work is to inspire creativity and help people overcome the invisible lines drawn by society. And in today’s world – bridging the gap between entertainment and education – means making videos. With that, I can only hope that the videos I create do justice to the subjects chosen, and that the algorithm shares them with people who may otherwise might not have thought about philosophy before!

Oh, and I do art! Check out my art portfolio or my commissions page!

UPDATED: 02 February 2023