About Artem Alex

From writing to creating pieces of artwork, I can always find something that I want to wrap my hands around and change for the better.

My life goal is to simply make the world a better place through any one of my passions. I thank you guys greatly for your support!

Currently, I am a university student working on my bachelors in public relations with a minor in philosophy. For work, I am a freelance content writer – I specialize in writing for Canadian cannabis websites with review and news articles as well as moderating a forum. And then I am also trying to build up my own online smoking paraphernalia shop, the Artem Emporium. I really enjoy taking simple pipes and making them more extravagant artworks, and soon I will be moving on to other pieces like bongs and jars as well.

I write about philosophy, current events, and anything that comes to mind that I want to share – topics I enjoy are art in all media, business, marketing, and the general world of all things beautiful. Really, what I like to write about is what affects people on a closer day-to-day basis. Which is closely related to why I prefer to create tangible art too.