About Artem Alex

From writing to creating pieces of artwork, I can always find something that I want to wrap my hands around and change for the better. My life goal is to simply make the world a better place through any one of my passions. I thank you guys greatly for your support!

Currently, I am a university student working on my bachelors in public relations as well as the philosophy of ethics. I am working towards being a business ethicist and will hopefully one day be able to change the world. For now, I’m stuck with my nose in piles of books, trying to gather and take in as much knowledge as I can before venturing out to bigger and badder heights.

I am also trying to build up my own online art and smoke shop, the Artem Emporium. I really enjoy taking simple pipes and making them more extravagant pieces of art. And then I also do art commissons on the side with digital painting. Most of the pieces on my Artem Art page is personal.

I write about philosophy, current events, and anything that comes to mind that I want to share – topics I enjoy are art in all media, business, marketing, and the general world of all things ethical. Really, what I like to write about is what affects people on a closer day-to-day basis, which is closely related to why I prefer to create tangible art as well. More than often, my brain is try to wraggle itself around large moral issues and art is my form of meditation for reflection and introspection.