Art Portfolio

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In order of most recent to least.

Digital Charcoal Portrait of Friedrich Neitzsche

DTIYS Oats_Meals on Instagram

10-year re-draw of a me as a superhero

Cartoon Portrait of Friedrich Neitzsche

Purple Ladies

Moon Dreams
Space Ray
In Orbit
Ball of Light
Green Ball of Light
Sherbert Sun
Family of Three
Momma and her pups
Opening Commissions!
DTIYS for Lucydash_art on Instagram
DTIYS for subscriber on Instagram
Winona Ryder in Heathers as Veronica Sawyer
Nichelle Nichols in Star Trek as Nyota Uhura
Re-creation of Bratz Babyz doll Yasmine
Support Recycling sticker
College Oil Painting Class #5
College Oil Painting Class #4