Why ‘The Office’ is Our Best Friend

Throughout the past five months, from mid-March to August 1st, I have felt the most drained I have ever been. Part of this is because I have allergies for the first time in my life, and the other is because I have been in quarentine. What this meant was that for nearly five months, I really only left my house to get groceries. For the first two months, my boyfriend (luckily) was paid to stay home from his third-shift job while I was finishing the school year online. All the excuses I needed to not actually do much with my creative self.

Being seriously drained, from school, my first art commission, and starting a new job, all of this took a large toll on my motivation and inspiration levels. I began to become a couch potato with a TV addiction. When one is severely bored at home, new shows like Netflix’s ‘Insatiable’ with Debbie Ryan are all too exciting. For me, I was completely hooked from the start and could not look away for days. Now, I was sick with allergies and a variety of other things but still …

Moving the timetime closer to the present – the TV show ‘The Office’ has saved my from myself. I realized that shows like ‘Insatiable’ are addictive because unlike my current situation: the characters’ lives were actually moving. They weren’t stuck at home, they were out in the world doing things. The exciting things in their lives feed us (the audience) hormones that we need and generally receive from socializing. TV Addiction is very-much-so a real thing and not easy to overcome, and this is why. Television is a form of socializing but only one way, this is sometimes called a “parasocial relationship” (a fast-growing topic because of the world’s current situation).

This was when I decided to start ‘The Office’ back up again, for the 50th time. And I am very glad that I did. Even though I don’t remember the last seasons as well, the characters (Michael Scott and the whole gang) are my best friends and I know exactly what they are up to. Meaning that I could look away from the screen and not actually miss anything, already know what happened.

This is not to mention that ‘The Office’ has been one of my favorite shows for tens years. A whole crew of friends that I’ve known for years; watched change and grow for the better. And so for ‘The Office’ to be on Netflix’s Top Ten list for as long as the list has been up – I am not surprised at all.

The illustration I did of Michael, Dwight, Jim, and Pam was inspired by comicbook cover art (which I know most definitely would be a comic that every Office fan would read). In addition, the “#1” tag is a play on Nexflix’s Top Ten tag.

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