The Importance of Communication

Success can bring itself into the workplace and life with one thing: fantastic communication skills.

Photo by Jens Johnsson on Unsplash 

In the modern age of engineering, there are a few skills that have deemed to be necessary, as told by Susan Fortané in Interesting Engineering, and sometimes found on job descriptions. Over the past few centuries, there have been a number of inventions that have created a revolution in the world of engineering. Within the past one hundred years, mankind has undergone a “digital transformation,” due to the Internet and its ability to hinder personable skills. Those skills include being able to communicate with others, be open to new ideas, observe closely, and to use imagination. These abilities are advantageous in working with other co-workers, and moreover, growing into higher leadership roles.

In my opinion, Fortané is describing a step-by-step process to becoming a better communicator. To practice the skills of sharing information, expressing thoughts, and also being open to others, to able to be persuaded. Both giving and receiving is the seed of communication.

The skills talked about are necessary in working in teams, jobs, as employers, as well as with families, friends, people in public. With engineers, and other people in specialized fields, one important note is to not use jargon with people outside of that field, who do not know specific terms that sound like utter gibberish.


The need for effective verbal communication skills is increasingly important in today’s day and age and this is because of technology. This article is relevant to every job and job description; employers want someone with fantastic communication skills because the skills involved spiderweb to all areas of working with other people. And working well with people is the way humans are able to live harmoniously with one another being successful in both life and careers.