3 Minute Yoga: The Puppy Stretch

I watch my dog every day and nearly every time he gets up to do something, he stretches all of the little bones in his tiny body. He is a Shih Tzu-Poodle and 9 years old, but of course, I’ll always call him my puppy.

This stretch can take anywhere from two minutes to eight minutes depending on your speed. But after sitting at a desk or on the couch for a while, I see why my little boy stretches before grooving.

The Puppy Stretch

Move into a plank formation and lower your body slowly, using the muscles in your arms. Your hands and feet stay in the same space throughout the entire asana.

Stretch your head and body forward, where your legs are straight and your back is bending with your motion. Your spine and chest are reaching for the ceiling. Opening your lungs to welcome deep breaths.

Bring your toes up and on an inhale, gradually shift your center balance to your hips. Moving your head down and hips up in one smooth motion. For your first doggie-down (of the day), it is nice to peddle your legs slowly to loosen the muscles.

And then walk yourself up to either your toes with your hands or to your hands with your toes. Stand up slowly. And then shake it out nice and gently.

My little puppy, Charlie Day Bow Wow, is extremely camera shy. I ought to attempt to capture his cuteness on camera, but for now, here are some photos from Form Fitness.