Balancing the Mind: Tieing Artfulness to Meditation

With constant stressors in our lives, like work or school, it is important to both to relax and to stretch out the other side of the brain.

For me, and a number of other students either this week or soon, it’s time for studying and exams. To keep my cool in this stressful time, I try to include any relaxing activities as I do study time.

For those who don’t know, our brains are divided into two main parts: analytical (left) and artful (right). — As read here on Brain Made Simple.

Work and school use the left side of the brain, with thoughts on logic and reason. And this often fills our minds with anxiety, busyness, and/or a literal brain storm. And for me, to balance the work of my brain helps organize the clutter in my thoughts.

To continue the metaphor, we need to find the eye of the brain storm to find a safe zone. To do this, I try to place myself into the world of creativity and artfulness with both the act of creating and practice of meditation.

Meditating by Drawing Mandalas

To meditate and draw simultaneously, I let my thoughts wander as they do. Just as I let the pen wander however it wants to, trying my best to not think of what to add to the mandala or how it looks, good or bad.

For instance, I noticed my hands drew a circle, then another, then another, and I thought “haha, it’s a booby.” To proceed in meditation, I just let this funny thought come in one ear and out the other.

Childish, silly, or weird thoughts are welcome in meditation – but one must let it pass through and through and that is true zenful meditation.