How to Save Money on Cups of Coffee

It’s hard not to buy coffee every time I leave the house, especially when I’m on school campus and no where near my own coffee maker. Luckily, there are a few ways to save money when it comes to buying a single cup of coffee.

When I started wanting to buy coffee on campus every day, I told myself there is no way I can afford that. But of course, if the coffee is only 91 cents, then I would be able to have my cake and drink it too. And I have devised a perfect way to do this.

Price Times

Happy Hours, Free Shot Friday, or BOGO Day specials

Cash App’s $1 Off Boost

Minimum purchase of $1.50 (and with the free Cash Card)

Coupons and Punch Cards

Punch cards are fairly common, coupons are found in paper ads and are sometimes online

My $0.91 Order:

Of course, prices will vary.

  • Two shots of espresso
  • Over ice
  • Free milk from the kiosk

Firstly, it is important to be aware of when cafés have special prices. For instance, the Biggby Coffee near me has Free Shot Friday in addition to their BOGO Wednesday and Sunday. Unfortunately, most corporate coffee shops like Starbucks do not usually have these, not even a happy hour special.

Second, I remembered the Cash App’s Boost feature! All of which are manually chosen and include a small number of specific restaurants, as well as one one titled “Any Coffee Shop” for $1 Off your purchase ($1.50 minimum and Boosts can be used up to every 30 minutes).

A fair warning: When coffee shops are inside of places, the app does not register it as a coffee shop. This means that when Starbucks is in a Meijer, it reads as a grocery chain, the “$1 Off Coffee Shop Boost” is not applied. To my surprise, this was not an issue with the Starbucks on my campus.

Lastly, ad mailers can have carry coupons! They can also be found online at times. Not to mention the punch card system that many coffeehouses subscribe to (buy ten, get one free). I would suggest always grabbing a punch card or member card when they are free because it means saving that much more when the eleventh cup comes.

This article is in no way sponsored by the Cash App. I simply use their free services to my advantage and encourage other savvy shoppers to do so as well, it really is an easier way to save money and spend less on a single cup of coffee.

The card is free to order and they etch the user’s signature on it; personally, I have always wanted a black card because they are very aesthetically pleasing and match the rest of my outfits.

If you are wondering what Boosts within the Cash App are for – as in, “why does Cash want to save me money?” It is more than likely that Cash App uses this feature for both data mining and advertisements for the specific restaurants listed.