How to do a ‘Social Media Audit’ on a Growing Business

A ‘Social Media Audit’ is a multi-leveled way to improve one’s social media presence. For my project, I chose illustrator Daisy Drew, went through her website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, what have you, and came up with an example strategy, plan, and posts.

  • The first step to the audit was finding all of where the small business is online, and then a comparing them to a corporate version. For example, a local café versus StarBucks. After this, I wrote a list of suggestions for Daisy Drew’s small business, based off of my own experience as well as what the corporate version is currently doing.
  • The second step to the audit was to create an example strategy with tactics for each type of social media and a month-long example plan of what, when, and where to post content.
  • The third step was to create example posts that could potentially improve online visibility. Offering examples helped Daisy Drew see what she could make with the online graphics maker Canva, like Youtube video covers and media posts that are sleek and organized.
  • The fourth step was to provide the information from the comparison and example strategies and posts. Because Daisy Drew happens to be my sister, I gave her my work after I finished each step to give and receive feedback on the process.

Daisy Drew and sells computer-illustrated pieces, custom commission work, and decorated items like books and boxes. For a corporated version of this, I chose to compare her to artist Alex Pardee, who markets themselves very similarly.

Below is my example “Social Media Strategy” with three different types of content and media. It is important to note that each ‘goal’ is set to a time table, for this example it was the month of April, but have a timed end goal will help give motivation to meeting the goal.

I greatly enjoyed the experience of doing this social media audit – seeing where the client did and did not need assistance, going through each type of medium carefully, seeing the differences between them, in addition to learning how one could potentially utilize all types of media.

I have wanted to help Daisy Drew with my advertising knowledge for a while now as she is my beloved sister. And this form of self-advertising is much more personal than the traditional buy-ads marketing ploy that I have learned about before and posting online is more fiscally viable.

After this project, Daisy Drew has since decided to implement both a newsletter and a blog to her rolodex. She also redesigned her website, which included a total makeover, the blog, an embed Etsy page

A before and after of Daisy Drew’s homepage. Not to mention, the logo she made during this project.

Be sure to check out these links to Daisy Drew’s beautiful work: Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy