Art Videos

Art Videos

These videos are about the artworks that I create, they can be taken as tutorials or how to diy videos but mostly I just really enjoy sharing what I like to do. I really enjoy doing art and creative things whether it be quick and easy or a difficult and strenuous process, the end result always makes it worth it.

Watercolor Landscape Painting + Vlog: Trying New Things

New kind of video today! With both painting and vlog action! It was really fun to talk and do a little story time while trying to paint. Stories about life as an artist and as a writer, doing things that are out of our comfort zone. I hope you guys really enjoy this video format, I really enjoyed doing it and it took less time to edit than I thought it would.

Watercolor painting is not something I do very often, I do more oil and acrylic, but this was a really good experience. Originally I was going to do paint and ink, with ink over the landscape, adding texture, but I ended up liking how it turned out. This is the exact kind of beautiful tucked away house that I would love to run away to, and that was my only goal! Hope you loved my first storytime video!

I have done vlogs before in the past so this was an easy breeze! My camera mount ended up affecting the sound a lot more than I wanted it to but I tried to fix that with a little bit of editing magic!

No Sew Rag Rug – Friendship Bracelet Style

I have decided to transfer my friendship bracelet making skills to rag rug making! It is made from top sheets cut into yarn, and then tied into very tight knots using the friendship bracelet making style, rather than traditional no-sew rag rug making.

Well, it took a few weeks in my free time but I made it happen! And when I finished it, I took one look and said: “that is the exact shape and size of my puppy’s crate!” And he loves it because it probably smells like me. Overall, it was a fantastic experience and I cannot wait to try another macrame bracelet-style pattern.

Be sure to check out the “making of” of the yarn used in this rag rug here!

Mandala Meditation Timelapse

With constant life stressors, work, school, or life, it is important to both to relax and to stretch out the creative side of our brain. I like to do this by zoning out to a blank sheet paper, a pen, and some chill music.

For me, and a number of other students either this week or soon, it’s time for studying and exams. To keep my cool in this awesome and stressful, I try to do as many relaxing activities as I can have time for.

If you’re wondering why I was so shakey: This afternoon was my final philosophy exam, which was completely written. And rather than dreading it all morning, I decided to do yoga, then to draw a mandala.

Decorating Handmade Notebook

One of my favorite things to do is to mod podge things to almost a camouflage level. Here I attempt to make a notebook cover with comic book cutouts and pages from Vogue.

I don’t remember where I got the food pictures, I have a collection of cutouts from years and years. My boy solely used comic books and really loved the camouflage decoupage look. I’m really happy with how they turned out, I love making collages and doing collage work so much!

Honestly, my love for fashion is what first sparked my love for advertising and marketing because that’s 80% of all magazines.

Coptic Watercolor Sketchbook

We used Canson XL Watercolor paper, the chipboard back on the sketchbook, cardboard, some glue, string (floss), and tape. We made the thickest sketchbooks ever, and the one with the chipboard knocks like a hardcover. I’m so pumped to decorate mine!

Cutting Top Sheets into Yarn Balls

So I want to work on making a big rug to do yoga on, and I thought the top sheets that I don’t use would be so perfect. I’m posting this video now but honestly, I’m about half-way done with cutting the sheets. It is truly taking forever. But that is alright, it just means it will take me a while to get done. Especially going back to school and all that jazz.

Calligraphy Label: ‘Bleach’

I found these beautiful bottles at the dollar store the other day for my cleaning solutions. I made this label for the bleach bottle. Which is mostly water with a splash of bleach, 50-100 ppm (parts per million). Really just use a splash of bleach to be the safest. And the bottle made with 25% recycled plastic, which is pretty awesome!