Knot Herbs

Knot Herbs by Artem Alexandra are the original macrame pipe wraps - inspired by bohemian chic styles and traditional patterns and textiles

Knot Herbs by Artem Alexandra

Knot Herbs: the original macrame wrapped pipes. These pieces are inspired by bohemian chic styles as well as traditional patterns and textiles from all over the world and each one of them is entirely one of a kind.

These wrapped glass bowls, pipes, and bongs are hand-knotted with tenderness and care, and years of experience with bracelet making. The pieces that I wrap are from a walk-in store because the look and feel of them are very important to me for the perfect macrame canvas and the string colors are also chosen by hand.

Product Care Instructions: These wrapped bowls are a mix of both handcrafted smokable pieces of artwork and friendship bracelet style macrame. And in the spirit of both, you are free to either protect it or to let it build character. When washing the glass, it would be best to try to preserve the wrap’s colors with painters tape. In any other case, dirt or smudges can only bring in more character! I wouldn’t worry about washing the wrap as much as appreciating its growing history, just like a friendship bracelet.

DISCLAIMER: These pipes are meant for smokers or art lovers of adult age. If you are purchasing this item, you are agreeing that you are of age to use it.