Flora Stash Jars

Flora Stash Jars by Artem Alexandra

Flora Stash Jars are original paintings with the canvas being a glass storage jar. These jars are functional pieces art, works of utility, and one of a kind stash jars. They are also heavily inspired by nature and everything around us and dream of.

Each of the Flora jars are painted by hand with an extremely durable and vibrant paint. The paint has a satin finish, which is similar to matte with a smooth shine when hit with light. The satin paint mixed with glass from the jar creates a unique double medium, matte and shine, effect.

Product Care Instructions: The paint used is water-based, AP non-toxic, and weather-proof. It is also recommended to wash these by hand as to not damage the lid. Overall, the paint is completely chip-proof from all of my tests before starting.