My First Experience at GVSU: CAP150 for AD/PR Majors

My first class during my first semester at Grand Valley State University was a called ‘Technologies in Public Relations and Advertising’ (CAP105) and it was an absolute pleasure. Along with the other classes I took, this one was my all time favorite.

Firstly, my professor Kylie Torres was outstanding at teaching the fundamentals of social media, how to use it to both advertise and communicate to one’s audience.

Prof. Torres also showed us an abundance of online resources to utilize, ones that converge all social media like Hootsuite, Meltwater, Hubspot, and thenCanva, which edits photos and renders infographics, as well as analytical applications like Google Ads and Google Analytics.

One converging platform that I really enjoyed learning about and using was Hootsuite because of its features and user-friendliness. On the program (the free student version) we could schedule out tweets in advance. We then could see the scheduled out posts on a calendar to see our social impact.

Here is a logo I made for the final exam, using both Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Illustrator CC. I chose the polygon with a leaf in the middle because I believe it represents many things that I enjoy – I love and appreciate plants, wildlife, and bees especially.

One could also imagine the leaf to be a paintbrush. And I put a small crack by the stem to form an ‘A’ (without a line crossing it) to stand for “Artem Alexandra.” Overall, this may be a work in progress but I still greatly enjoy it and the making of it was fun. A made a while polygon and filled the leaf in with white, and then turned down the opacity on each gradually until I reached the color I was looking for.

Twitter’s Uses

Twitter is something we used in CAP105 quick a bit, Torres often asked us to “live tweet” while we would watch Youtube videos or listen to podcasts, using the class hashtag.

I thought this process of using Twitter was very interesting because it allowed for class discussion while concurrently taking in new information and media.

One general assignment in the course was to intake the news – we would talk about the news we found and then direct it back to Public Relations and Advertising. I found Twitter to be my preferred news source because it truly is all news sources converged to one platform.

Canva and Infographics

Above is an infographic I made using Canva on four of my favorite points on GVSU’s campus. I used their “infographic” format and I found one with my theme’s colors and polygons.

The original picture had a world map in the background, I liked the idea of a textured background, so I replaced it with leaves and vines. The color of the map was not in the colors to pick from until I realized it was white-pink with the opacity turned almost all the way down.

The info from this infographic is from SEO-PR, a marketing agency that deals in search engine optimization (SEO) content strategies.

Canva is really awesome for creating nearly any type of content. For example, I made these “memes” using their social media format. They also have formats resumes, letterheads, recipe cards, schedules, as well as power points.

Sites to See at GVSU

Two iconic places I enjoyed around the Allendale campus was the Arboretum and the Zumberge Pond, both of which were on my way to the CAP105 classroom across campus from the rest of my courses.

Walking through the Arboretum or around the Zumberge Pond was a beautifully lovely time, in and out of the snowy Winter. And once Spring started, these two places are sprinkled with students finding leisure and outdoor study places.

The Arboretum became hammock city as the sun started coming out. Luckily, GVSU has amazing wifi signals because students are hammock and homework simultaneously, or even out my the pond while watching the water move in the wind.

Another beautiful and nature-filled place on campus is the mini trail behind the Cock-Dewitt Center building. Going from the side of the building to a small statue outside of the Student Services Building, which made to a very charming shortcut that really no one else takes.

Two of my favorite art pieces on the GVSU Allendale campus are the ginormous two statues along the “Great Lakes Buildings” walkway: the Transformational Link and Heaven and Earth. These are just outside the Arboretum and are larger than life.

I was first introduced to these artworks by my father, who is an adjunct professor at GVSU, on our way to his office. “Professor Simon,” as his students call him, said that the Transformational Link carries a superstition on campus, as to which direction one should walk underneath it.

In the photo above, you can only see the put-together end of the Transformational Link. But on the other end, the blue beams start to break down, detach, or dissipate in an artful way. The superstition is that one can only walk in the direction of being put-together, which is fairly self-explanatory, but if one does walk in the breaking-down direction then as will one’s life.